Accessibility Roadshow

Thu, 9/24/2015 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Thompson Library  165

Accessibility is absolutely crucial at universities like Ohio State. Imagine taking a class and being unable to read the textbook. Think about how hard your job would be if you could no longer use your computer’s mouse. We want to provide OCIO and ODEE staff with a better understanding of what accessibility entails so all employees can consider the perspective of every type of end user.

To show us how we can commit to accessible practices, Accessibility Analyst Pete Bossley and Instructional Designer Jessica Phillips are hitting the road to share why accessibility is important and how it impacts your job at the university.

Join them as they share what accessibility is, why we need to care about it and the first step we can all take to move toward accessible applications, processes and communications.

Each session will also include a video featuring CIO Mike Hofherr and others from the Ohio State community speaking to the importance of accessibility. In addition, detailed information about legal implications, suggestions for integrating accessibility into current procedures, demonstrations of accessible versus inaccessible content and critical questions for considering the user experience will be provided.

Please contact Pete Bossley ( or Jessica Phillips ( with any questions about these sessions.


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