Online Course Delivery Basics

Mon, 2/10/2020 - Fri, 2/28/2020 | Online Meeting


Participants in this online course will: 

  1. Assess the primary tenets of several teaching and learning theories and modalities to build upon traditional values and assumptions of good pedagogy.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to promote student learning online by planning and implementing effective student-centered online instructional strategies.
  3. Create a positive online classroom environment for a diverse learning community that applies student-centered approaches, supports high student achievement, develops motivation and encourages critical thinking.
  4. Exhibit self-reflection regarding design and delivery of effective online instruction and assessment along with efficient, equitable classroom management techniques.
  5. Apply various principles and strategies for communicating with students in the online classroom.
  6. Demonstrate social learning, reciprocity and cooperation among learners via engagement and collaboration strategies to promote ‘‘social dialogue’’ and mediation (e.g., exchanges, partnering, personalized assistance).
  7. Implement an evaluation plan for systematic formative assessment aimed at regulating and improving the learning process by constructing authentic interactive assessment procedures. 

This online course focuses on understanding theories and strategies that address the needs of new online instructors at The Ohio State University. The course will address teaching and learning theories and strategies, social inclusion and collaboration strategies, refinement of classroom management and planning techniques, and informal and formal assessment practices. Instructors will be provided with essential communication and conflict resolution strategies needed to have high-quality relationships with students. New instructors will gain an understanding of the standards of professional development and teaching quality as expected from Ohio State.

Designed to be taught online via Carmen, the course is comprised of an asynchronous module format. Participants are expected to interact with one another and course facilitators by engaging in various online activities and discussions. In addition, participants will have access to online resources, such as the Carmen LMS, Mediasite, presentations, class notes and/or handouts and relevant website links. 

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