Mindful Use of Technology in a Highly Connected World

Tue, 10/23/2018 | 9:35 AM - 9:55 AM | Stillman  Digital Union


1. Explore how being thoughtful about technology can decrease stress and increase efficiency.
2. Identify for yourself when in your day you set technology aside.
3. Explore what your device can teach you about your own behaviors and patterns.

What is it?

In this short 20-minute session you explore strategies for managing technology in your life so that you increase efficiency and decrease the stress associated with tech, social media, etc. You'll leave with strategies to apply in your lives to be mindful about technology use.


Who is presenting?

Digital Flagship staff and Student Mentors


Who is this session for?

  1. Students who have multiple devices they manage daily.
  2. Students who worry they may be using technology too much or not enough.
  3. Students want to learn how technology can actually help them be more present and know when to disconnect.


What should I bring?

No device required, though to make the most of the session bring a device that you use regularly. Some specifics of Apple devices will be covered, though topics are applicable across device types.


How do I sign up?

After you have logged into the registration site you can reserve your seat through the link to the right.


Questions? Contact DigitalFlagship@osu.edu.


  • Jessica Phillips ;


40 seats remaining for this workshop


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