Q&A with Ohio State App Developers

Tue, 10/23/2018 | 11:10 AM - 11:50 AM | Stillman  115


1. Hear tips and tricks for app development from experts.
2. Ask questions about coding, app development, and career readiness.
3. Discover how an app is born from design to app store.

What is it?

Join Ohio State app developers and ask questions about their careers, app development, their favorite apps, ways to get started coding, and any other questions you might have about coding and development.


Who is presenting?

Chris Fish - OSU App Developer

Emilie Meade - OSU App Developer


Who is this session for?

  1. Students who are curious about how Ohio State apps are developed.
  2. Students who might be interested in exploring app development themselves.
  3. Students who have started an app and are wondering about tips and tricks.
  4. Students who don't konw much about app development and are curious about the process.


What should I bring?

No device required.


How do I sign up?

After you have logged into the registration site you can reserve your seat through the link to the right.


Questions? Contact DigitalFlagship@osu.edu.


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73 seats remaining for this workshop


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