Start Coding with Swift and Xcode: Learn from directly from Apple and build your first app!

Tue, 10/23/2018 | 9:35 AM - 10:55 AM | Hagerty  186 (Mac Lab)


1. Start using Swift programming language.
2. Use Xcode to begin building an app.
3. Explore more advanced app development techniques with Swift.
4. Discover how you can explore coding with Swift more on your own.

What is it?

Join Apple instructors as you explore Swift coding and (yes) build your first app!


Who is presenting?

Steve Hayman - Apple

Digital Flagship Staff and Student Mentors


Who is this session for?

  1. Students who have never coded before can come explore this easy-to-learn language and start some coding of their own with help from Apple.
  2. Students who already code with Swift can come and get a refresh with the latest Xcode 10 and ask Apple more advanced questions about app development.
  3. All students who want to explore coding with Apple's Swift language are welcome.


What should I bring?

This session will be conducted in a Mac lab so equipment will be provided. If you have your own Mac laptop you are welcome to bring it. Just be sure that Xcode 10 is already installed from the App Store and that you have already opened it on your laptop (it can take awhile).

Have an iPad through Digital Flagship? Xcode only runs on Mac computers. Through your iPad you can begin sketching ideas for apps or practicing Swift coding through the Swift Playgrounds app in Self Service. The Macs in the lab will be used for app development.


How do I sign up?

After you have logged into the registration site you can reserve your seat through the link to the right.


  • Jessica Phillips ;


14 seats remaining for this workshop


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