Kickstart Week (Day 4): Delivering Online Content

Fri, 1/5/2018 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Kickstart Week is a set of related workshops that will prepare you to design for and teach in online and hybrid settings. Each day focuses on a different set of skills and pedagogies.

This day's workshop will emphasize the following:

  1. Recording Media Content: Learn about best practices when recording media content and creating graphics for your course materials. Identify resources to aid in the creation of your content. Take a "hands-on" tour of the Denney Digital Union 1-Touch Studio and learn about the various DU resource available to faculty, staff, and students. See how Mediasite and CarmenConnect can each be used to enhance engagement in your online course and receive help setting them up on your computer.
  2. Library Materials: Incorporate OSU Library materials into your Carmen course and collaborate with librarians to support student research.
  3. Copyright in Online Courses: Identify and avoid problems by following best practices to use copyrighted materials appropriately and/or substitute open and Creative Commons-licensed alternatives.

Day Four of Kickstart Week will present you with various strategies and tools for delivering content in an online course. A "field trip" to the Denney Digital Union to tour the 1-Touch recording studio and try it out yourself will be the focus of half of the day. (Be sure to bring a flash drive to save your 1-Touch studio recordings to!) The day will also include presentations and discussions about the basics and best practices for recording video using Mediasite and other tools, as well as discussions of how to save students money by making use of open and Ohio State Library resources.

Following each segment, you will have opportunity to practice what you learned with guidance from experts. By the end of the day, you will have learned how to plan content in alignment with course goals; how to design, create, and deliver effective video content; and how to factor legal and cost into your planning.

Attendees are encouraged to register for and attend all four days: Day One - Day Two - Day Three - Day Four. They have been designed to provide an integrative introduction to a complete process of online course design.

* Private Event: Kickstart Week (Day 4): Delivering Online Content


18 seats remaining for this workshop