Kickstart Week (Day 3): Creating Engaging Online Activities

Thu, 1/4/2018 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM | Campbell Hall  100


Kickstart Week is a series of related workshops that will prepare you to design for and teach in online and hybrid settings. Each day focuses on a different set of skills and pedagogies.

This day's workshop will emphasize the following:

  1. Planning activities: Discover various ways students can participate in learning activities in online contexts. Identify ways to customize activities in order to promote student engagement with the content, instructor, and each other.
  2. Making the most of Ohio State supported tools: Learn about the various online resources available to faculty, staff, and students. See how tools like CarmenConnect, BuckeyeBox, U.OSU, and other tools can be used to enhance engagement in your online course.

Major Topic: Creating Engaging Online Activities

Day Three of Kickstart Week will focus on creating activities that foster engagement in online courses and help students learn what they need to know in order to succeed on assessments. We will explore a range of formats and activities that instructors have developed to make best use of new opportunities in online contexts. Visiting experts will describe ways to incorporate various systems provided by ODEE (such as U.OSU.EDU or TopHat) as platforms for various kinds of activities.

Following each segment, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learned with guidance from experts. By the end of the day, you will have seen a wide range of examples of effective activities to promote student learning in online contexts, identified which activities are most effective for your course, and practiced building activities in Ohio State supported systems.

Attendees are encouraged to register for and attend all four days: Day One - Day Two - Day Three - Day Four. They have been designed to provide an integrative introduction to a complete process of online course design.

Presented by the Distance Education Learning and Teaching Academy (DELTA). 

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