Webinar: Make and Use Open Resources with Tools and Support from the Affordable Learning Exchange

Thu, 8/17/2017 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM | Online Meeting


  1. Attendees will learn the benefits of using open education resources (OERs), as well as basic strategies for finding and using them
  2. Attendees will learn about tools and resources available at Ohio State that enable instructors and students to produce OERs, ways that these tools can provide the basis for engaging authentic learning, and basic steps for getting started 
  3. Attendees will learn about ODEE's ALX Grants: financial and project support for instructors to create or implement OERs to improve learning and reduce student costs

In this webinar, Mike Shiflet from ODEE's Affordable Learning Exchange will describe and demonstrate ways to incorporate open materials and digital publishing activities in online and hybrid courses at Ohio State. Learn how to customize and regain ownership of your course materials and save students money (and ensure they can all afford to take part) by finding and using high-quality OER. Learn how to create engaging authentic assignments by framing them as collaborative, multi-media publications -- without needing to know how to code or even what HTML stands for. In addition, the ALX team will describe how to apply for the latest round of ALX Grants (RFPs due 9/8/2017), which provide recipients with financial and project support for exemplary projects.

Presented by the Distance Education Learning and Teaching Academy (DELTA)

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22 seats remaining for this workshop