Webinar: UDL & Accessibility Think Tank

Wed, 8/16/2017 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Participants in this session will:

  1. Share ideas and experiences around issues related to UDL and accessibility.
  2. Ask questions of experts and peers.
  3. Know where to find guidance and support to address accessibility in their online courses. 
  4. Build a learning community within Ohio State and with other institutions. 

Join us in a guided discussion as we share and learn how to maximize access, engagement and student success in online courses. 

In the new Think Tank format for 2017, sessions will bring together a variety of voices and presenters each session.


1. Challenge #1: Empowering conference/workshop/lecture facilitators to create universally designed content in accessible formats. (Amber Sherman, Programming Chair for Ohio State's Innovate Conference).

2. Challenge #2: Finding the best and most efficient ways to make content accessible. (Rahim Abdi, Ohio State's Accessibility Analyst)

3. Challenge #3: Finding and using research to support the value of universal design. (Eric Moore, University of Tennessee Knoxville's Universal Design for Learning Specialist.)

Presenters are also available to answer questions regarding UDL integration into course development and delivery, shared resources, accessibility challenges and solutions, learning technology and more. This community includes web accessibility experts, faculty, OSU librarians, instructional designers and many others from across Ohio State.

Why are we getting together?

Access for students is a key component of our mission as a university. In addition, lawsuits in higher education are pointing toward the need for a high level of urgency in designing/teaching with accessibility in mind. Across campus we are facing similar challenges, wins, problems, solutions, and questions as it relates to accessibility and Universal Design for Learning. The more we can connect with one another the more we can continue to grow, improve, and lead in this area with confidence. 

What is the format?

The think tanks are designed to be informal and focused on meaningful dialogue around topics related to UDL and accessibility from a variety of perspectives across campus. Each session will focus on one key topic (chosen by the community), and will also allow time for timely or urgent questions. 

This is a webinar discussion. Connect virtually through CarmenConnect.

How do I register?

Ohio State staff or faculty? Please log in with your name.# and enroll at the right.

Outside OSU? Please register here.

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