Unconference: Innovative Tools and Resources for Teaching

Mon, 7/31/2017 | 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM | Campbell Hall  100


Participants in this session will: 

  1. Select the topics dicussed based on their own interests.
  2. Share innovative tools and resources they are using or are interested in using in their teaching.
  3. Interact with Ohio State faculty and staff from other disciplines, colleges and departments.

What's the one website or app you can't live without for content creation? What's the coolest assessment you've seen in a course? What platforms or apps make you love teaching students? What do your students love? 

If you have (or are seeking) answers to any of these questions, come to this fast-paced and open sharing time. All skill levels are welcome—participate as a learner, sharer or both. Just two hours could provide a plethora of new ideas and information to implement in your courses this coming school year!

An unconference is a participant-driven forum for sharing ideas with peers. In other words, there is no agenda until attendees create one—all of the topics shared will be determined by YOU. 

This session will be co-facilitated by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning's Ben Scragg and Scott Sheeler with LuAnne Jackson from Apple Professional Learning.


  • Ben Scragg ;
  • Scott Sheeler ( Read Bio ) ;
    Twitter: @SheelerTech


33 seats remaining for this workshop


Ben Scragg
Scott Sheeler