Webinar: iOS Apps for Teaching and Learning

Tue, 6/27/2017 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM | Online Meeting


Participants in this session will:

  1. Gain basic understanding of way the iOS operating system can enhance online and hybrid teaching and learning.
  2. Practice basic use of new applications that faculty can use in class to assist teaching and learning.
  3. Practice basic use of new applications that students can use to show and develop their learning in class.
  4. Receive guidance and resources for identifying similar apps independently.

What easy-to-use and exciting iOS tools might you have in your pocket that you could be employing to enhance your teaching? This online-only webinar session will provide an overview of current iOS apps (for iPads and iPhones) that will support you and your students in creative thinking, critical thinking, formative assessment, time management, social learning, lecture videos, summative assessment and note taking. Participants will explore each tool, its various purposes and features, and learn where to find additional information and resources.

This hands-on, interactive webinar will introduce you to two of the most powerful apps for online education, Explain Everything and Adobe Spark Pages.  Both apps provide intuitive tools that make it easy to create rich content quickly and efficiently.  Instructors can use them to generate explanatory material and demonstrations.  Students can use them to complete flexible and complex assessments.  Both can also serve as collaborative platforms.

This session will be led by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning's Scott Sheeler.

Note: Because this is a hands-on webinar, attendees should install the two apps, Explain Everything and Adobe Spark Pages, on their devices before the webinar. Both are available for multiple platforms.

Note: Registrants will receive the webinar link in an email the day before the event.

Sponsored by ODEE's Distance Education Learning & Teaching Academy (DELTA)


28 seats remaining for this workshop