Getting Started With Vita – Custom for Faculty in ASC NMS and SBS for Fall 2017 promotion review

Tue, 4/25/2017 | 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 18th Avenue Library  Research Commons Rm 352


Participants in this session will be able to:

  1. Identify and navigate between Vita and Elements.
  2. Set up their Elements profile and publication search, refine the results, and accept or reject citations.
  3. Manage duplicate and manual entries in Elements.
  4. Use Vita to enter narratives and preview the P&T dossier.

This session will introduce participants to Vita, Ohio State's new faculty information system. Vita combines the power of Symplectic Elements with customized functionality to meet the needs of Ohio State faculty.

We will provide a general walkthrough of Elements, which harvests citation information and provides forms for manually entering additional information required in the P&T dossier. We will then explore Vita functionality for entering narratives and previewing the dossier.

Most participants will be able to begin working with profile data migrated from Research in View and harvested by Elements.

This workshop will focus on the new Vita application and how faculty can begin working with their data. Questions related to the P&T dossier and the P&T process are best addressed by departmental or college P&T coordinators. Since this is a custom session, your P&T coordinator may be present.


Before attending this workshop, log in at Click on Manage My Data in Elements. This will start the process of creating your Elements account, if it does not already exist.

Once your Elements account exists,

  1. enter Elements and click on Menu and then Search Settings (under Publications)
  2. enter any variants to the names under which you publish, the date on which you started publishing scholarly work, and online database IDs.
  3. Save your settings (at the bottom of the page) and then click the button to run the search (at the top of the page). A full search of all citations can take up to 7 days after you update your search settings.
* Private Event: Getting Started With Vita – Custom for Faculty in ASC NMS and SBS for Fall 2017 promotion review


20 seats remaining for this workshop


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